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The project

In 2014 CPH digital took on the task of designing a poster, which was to be the main visual for HBO Nordic’s self promoting marketing campaign, focusing on the availability of several quality shows through the service. The poster was to be made in several different sizes for both indoor and outdoor display, as well as having the possibility of converting the layout for online use.

The process

The layout was created over course of a few months, where the communication between HBO Nordic and CPH digital’s designer Lasse was essential. This dialog ensured a detailed insight into the wishes of the customer and also enabled our designer to efficiently guide the process of making ideas and aesthetics come together in an ideal layout.
Several versions of the poster were created, with different characters, placements and focal points. These mock ups were presented to HBO Nordic, who then had the opportunity to discuss internally in which direction they wanted to take the campaign. When the decision fell on a final layout, the poster once again returned to CPH digital, where a much more detailed editing process commenced. The dialog was once again very important part of the process, to ensure that every single detail lived up to the client’s expectations.

The final product

When working on a project like this, it’s essential that the final product tells a story that corresponds with the image of the client. The poster displays the availability of some of HBO’s most beloved shows, which was the main focal point of this particular campaign, but also conveys the intimacy of having these stories told right where the users prefer it. The poster was very present in the streetscape of Denmark, being displayed in various sizes on many diverse locations. The final product was even designed in such a way, that it was easy to turn the original layout into something more fitting for online marketing, which HBO Nordic made great use of on their social media sites as well as on their official website.


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